Senior Computer Vision & Deep Learning Engineer

Job description

Experienced Artificial Intelligence Lead

We are expanding! Are you an Experienced Artificial Intelligence Lead that likes to be challenged? Do you love working on solutions with a big social impact? Then this is a job for you!

About Zero foodwaste:

Zero foodwaste is a start-up on a mission to make the world food system more sustainable. We do this by using progressive and innovative technology. One of today's biggest challenges is food waste. Worldwide about one-third of all food produced is wasted. Looking at The Netherlands, for the hospitality industry alone, this adds up to 150 million kilos yearly!

Our integral solution provides hospitality organizations with a complete insight into their food waste. By doing so help them cut their waste in half. For this we make maximum use of recent developments in computer vision and AI. Our smart camera, connected to a smart scale below the waste bin, will automatically register all food that is thrown away, down to the ingredient level.

About the position

  • You will be responsible for training and optimizing our A.I. models and algorithms and streamlining the A.I. pipeline;
  • Responsible for creating the development roadmap for our A.I. models;
  • Apply modern Data Science and Machine / Deep Learning techniques to optimise the product, and identify and overcome problems;
  • The primary focus is on Computer Vision;
  • Big role in scaling up our A.I. team. The current team is 1 CTO, 1 AI Engineer and 3 developers, but will scale up in the coming months with the help of you!


Required Skills & Experience:

  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence, (Technical) Computer Science, or comparable study;
  • At least 3-6 year work experience in fields of Artifiial Intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning, computer vision and/or data mining;
  • Experience with Python in combination with TensorFlow;
  • Experience with Agile and Scrum methods;
  • Strong communicator;
  • And last but not least; the desire to help us in the fight against food waste!

What we offer:

  • A young and creative start-up environment that stimulates and invests in your personal development;
  • The opportunity to help build our business and build your own team;
  • Opportunity to join our STAK and to share in the future development of the company;
  • Flexible working hours with the option to work from home;
  • A close team with smart and enthusiastic colleagues who love to share their knowledge.